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.The Rocky Mountains

In search of earth's most beautiful and wild places.

Sarrail Ridge

Sarrail Ridge is a spectacular ridge located in the heart of the Kananaskis Country. On the way up, there are two beautiful lakes which in some moments can steal and reflect all peaks in itself. These moments are what I look for and makes this trail one of the world’s best hikes. From the ridge, you get a bird's eye view of Upper & Lower Kananaskis Lakes, Rawson Lake and Hidden Lake.

Cavell Meadows

In the aftermath of an ice age, like a giant bulldozer, the glacier of the Little Ice Age slowly crept down this valley, pushing and carrying all in its path. As the glacier receded, masses of rubble, called moraines, were left in its wake. It will take time to heal the wounds of this devastated valley. The Cavell Meadows trail is one of the best hikes in Jasper National Park that displays towering cliffs, glaciers, waterfalls and alpine meadows full of flowers.

Fairview Mountain

This is another world-class hike in the Lake Louise area. Expect a steep and strenuous climb up all the way. Once at summit, spend some time and enjoy in spectacular views if you can. Up there is a lot of snow year round and the wind can be brutal.

Boundary Peak

From the first step to the last step you are going to enjoy incredible views. Although there is an established trail, what is unusual for these surroundings, we had all the mountains to ourselves. The trail is very friendly until the summit which one is very steep with loose rock. If you slips you are going down, so proper shoes are a must and crampons will help. You are in glacier environment where the weather can change in a short period of time, which means you have to be prepared for anything.


Windtower is located between two peaks The Rimwall (2,700 m) and Lougheed 1 (3,105 m) and is accessible via West Wind Pass. The views are gorgeous in all directions, especially towards the Spray and Bow Valleys. The trail is the one of the best in Kananaskis Country, and for the namesake it is really windy. Better be in good shape before attempting this hike.

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